Antherina suraka caterpillars

Antherina suraka pupae for sale, ready to breed!

Antherina suraka pupae for sale, ready to breed!

Antherina suraka caterpillars in

Antherina suraka cocoons for sale, Madagascar Bullseye Moth

Antherina suraka cocoons for sale. This line came from Antananarivo, Madagascar and has been reared in the EU. We really recommend this species, adults are beautiful and caterpillars show a plethora of color forms. One of the best alternative hosts is Nerium oleander, a plant which is widely distributed and evergreen. Others commonly found as Hedera or Ligustrum can be successfully used to rear Antherina suraka.

Antherina suraka is the only species of the genus Antherina, which is monotypic. Adults pair in medium cages with no problems. You can spray water on cocoons once or twice a week to maintain proper humidity. Don’t spray or handle too much the pupae when they are close to emerging. At this stage they turn darker and softer. Once the adult have emerged they pair easily compared to other Saturniidae. We have always obtained pairing in our medium size cages (40x60cm) and also in smaller environments. A female can lay up to 150-200 eggs which will hatch in about 10 days. Easy and beautiful species very recommended for beginners. Expert breeders will find very interesting the plethora of color variations that both caterpillars and adult moths of this species show.

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