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TimeToBreed is a project that arises from a deep passion towards the observation of nature. For almost all his life, Giacomo, the founder of Time To Breed, has been rearing and breeding Lepidoptera as a spare time hobby. Now, thanks to the help of two wonderful partners: his brother Gabriele and his old friend Alessandro, the dream of converting this hobby into a real job has become true.
Our mission is to provide an user-friendly, safe environment to buy and trade insects, coupled to all the informations needed to breed them successfully.
TimeToBreed Ltd is an UK-based company with the purpose of supplying more and more insect species to all of you passionate breeders. 
If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. To join our group or to collaborate with us, please write to Giacomo Viola.

Insect Lepidoptera Butterfly live silk spinning
Hyalophora cecropia

Our Team

Giacomo Viola

Founder and Director

BSc in Biology, MSc in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology

Gabriele Viola

director and insect logistics expert

Butterflies constitute a fascinating landscape to approach the diversity of nature.

Alessandro Giammetta

TTB core facility

I was the kind of kid who'd brought home every insect he could find.


Il Giardino delle Birbe (Parma, Italy) – Official Website
Il Giardino delle Birbe is a wonderful educational project for childrens. Their goal is to bridge the observation and interest for nature with a special attention to new technologies. In this school, butterflies are broadly used as a didactical tool.

La Danza delle Farfalle ONLUS (Napoli, Italy / Berlin, Germany) – Official Website
La Danza delle Farfalle is an Italo-German association which creates innovative educational content for schools. Their approach is characterized by a mixture of literature, music, visual arts and philosophy. La Danza delle Farfalle performs live shows and didactical projects. Butterflies are brought to the scene for their powerful metaphysic message and for their relevance in the animal kingdom.

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