Do you want to learn more about Lepidoptera?

Explore the on-line lepidoptera community

“An international community for people interested in exchanging arthropod livestock. It was originally founded by Lepidoptera breeders but others are welcome”

The ovogram website is an active community and TTB is also participating with spare exchanges, highly recommended!

“Barcode of Life Data systems (commonly known as BOLD) is a sequence database specifically devoted to DNA barcoding. As of 2017, BOLD included over 5.9 million DNA barcode sequences from over 542,000 species” 

Apart from being a very powerful scientific tool, BOLD is very useful to breeders. It provides a search bar to directly search for the species name. The output will provide, in addiction to barcoding data, photos of the samples collected, collection sites list and map. You really have tons of other infos!

Created by Gaden S. Robinson, Phillip R. Ackery, Ian J. Kitching, George W. Beccaloni and Luis M. Hernández

A real search engine for hostplants. You can search an hostplant for a Lepidoptera species or find a Lepidoptera for the host plant you have near! Amazing!

“The Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory aims to produce an on-line taxonomic monograph of the hawkmoth family, Sphingidae. You will find a comprehensive catalogue of the family, with pages for all species and subspecies, together with distribution maps and a comprehensive bibliography. Most of the species and subspecies are illustrated and diagnoses provided for many to enable you to identify them with confidence.”

Beautiful Saturniidae hybrid index, by Bill Oehlke. The hybrid index isn’t the only interesting thing you will find there.

Homepage of Capt. Ulrich Paukstadt & Dipl.Ing. Laela Hayati Paukstadt, dealing with the Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae of Southeast Asia.



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