Antherina suraka cocoons

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Product: Live Cocoons of Antherina suraka

Info: Sold individually. Orders of 2 or more pcs will include approx. 50% males and females

Origin: Madagascar, reared in EU

Host Plants: Ligustrum, Hedera, Nerium, Liquidambar, Rhus, Prunus and many more

Hatching time: 2-4 weeks 

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Antherina suraka from Madagascar, live cocoons for sale.

Antherina suraka is the only species of the genus Antherina, which is monotypic. It can be easily reared during winter on Ligustrum sp.
Adults pair in medium cages with no problems. Keep cocoons humid to ensure proper emergence.

Normally, the wing color is orange, with typical pink eye spots. One specimen in picture shows a possible variation of the most common coloration, the dark form.


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