Extatosoma tiaratum eggs x30


Product: Live eggs of Extatosoma tiaratum

Info: Packs of 30 eggs each

Origin: Australia

Host Plants: Rubus, Eucalyptus, Rosa, Quercus and others

Hatching time: 2-3 months

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Extatosoma tiaratum eggs x30

Extatosoma tiaratum, the giant prickly stick insect or the Macleay’s spectre is an outstanding Phasmatodea species which is largely reared by amateur insect lovers. It is a very large stick insect, native to the forests of Australia. It exhibits the sexual dimorphism of many similar insects, males are small and thinner. The species has the Phasmid Study Group number¬†PSG9.

We keep our brood in a 1:1 ratio of males and females to ensure all the eggs have been fertilized and came from sexual reproduction. These eggs have been incubated for a couple of months and are expected to hatch in 2-3 months depending on temperature.

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