Calendula officinalis seeds (50 pcs)


Product: Live seeds of Calendula officinalis

Info: Packs of 50 seeds, each unit contains approx. 50 seeds.

Origin: Commercial strain

Host for: Noctuidae, good nectar plant for butterflies

Plant cycle: perennial


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Calendula offcinalis seeds for sale, packs of approx. 40 seeds. The pot marigold, common marigold, ruddles or Scotch marigold is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.

It is easy to grow, and very resistant to drought and temperature changes. does best in full sun. Caledula is the host plant of some Lepidoptera, in particular for moths of the Noctuidae family. Also a very nice plant for your butterflies which will enjoy the nectar of its flowers. With a minimum effort you can guarantee a food base and a very beautiful landscape for your butterfly rearing setup.

Being an erbaceous perennial plant you won’t need to grow it from a scratch every year, definitely a must have for a butterfly garden or a plant enthusiast.

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