Special offer: Attacus lorquinii X Attacus atlas eggs

Special offer: Attacus lorquinii X Attacus atlas eggs

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Tonight a rare event took place! Using the hand-pairing technique, a hybrid cross has been perfomed: Attacus lorquinii (Male-Right) x Attacus atlas (Female-Left). This hybrid cross has been already obtained by other amateur breeders and results in viable but sterile offspring. Check the hybrid index in our USEFUL WEBSITES section. Adults show features of both species and we are very curious about the larval forms. Eggs are ready to be shipped out worldwide!

How to rear Attacus lorquinii X Attacus atlas

Being hybrid eggs, we expect these to hatch in a low percentage, generally from 20 to 50%. Both moth species are very similar in terms of rearing requirements and share most of the alternative host plant. We suggest Ligustrum or Ailanthus as first choices for caterpillars.

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