Samia cynthia caterpillar

02-06-2020: Samia cynthia larvae for sale

Samia cynthia caterpillar in

Samia cynthia larvae for sale

We offer Samia cynthia L2/L3 larvae, obtained from wild collected cocoons in Lombardia (Italy), picked from different locations. Thus, they can be cosidered 100% wild type. These larvae come from eggs laid by mixed females.

Samia cynthia was imported in Italy back in 1854 as a silk farm species. Before silk production was stopped, some of the adults could escape from silk farms and established on Ailanthus altissima trees (allochthonous plant), especially in the sub-alpine Italy. The wild S. cynthia population has well adapted to the continental climate and resists to freezing temperatures during winter. The population’s number fluctuates each year, depending on weather, parasitoid wasps and many other factors.

This is an amazing Samia cynthia stock, very colorful larvae, huge and perfect adults as you can see in pictures. This species performs 2 or 3 generations in the wild before overwintering as cocoons. Easy to rear on Ailanthus altissima and very easy to breed in medium cages, both indoors or outdoors.

Samia cynthia caterpillar wild
Samia cynthia caterpillar found in the wild, Lombardia (Italy)

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Larvae are usually shipped into small plastic boxes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger and well ventilated container and provide them fresh food. This way, they will recover very quickly from the journey-related stress

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