Samia cynthia larvae (25pcs)


Product: 25 live larvae of Samia cynthia

Info: Each unit contains 25 larvae

Origin: Wild parents from Lombardia, Italy

Host Plants: Ailanthus altissima (recommended), Ligustum, Prunus


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Samia cynthia larvae (25pcs)

We offer L2/L3 Samia cynthia larvae, obtained from wild cocoons in Lombardia(Italy), obtained from different locations. They can be considered being 100% wild type. These larvae come from eggs laid by multiple females.

This is an amazing S. cynthia stock, very colorful larvae, huge and perfect adults as you can see in pictures. This species performs 2 or 3 generations in the wild before overwintering as cocoons.

We’re currently rearing them on Ailanthus altissima in small plastic boxes. We will move them to mesh cages when they reach L4. They’re very easy to pair in medium cages, both indoors or outdoors.

Se stai comprando questo prodotto dall’Italia, contattaci in privato prima di effettuare il pagamento. I costi di spedizione con corriere espresso sono inferiori per chi acquista dall’Italia (10 EUR invece che 24 EUR) – [email protected]

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