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Tropical butterfly pupae from Philippines, special offer!

Tropical butterfly pupae from Philippines, special offer!

Butterfly pupae in

Dear friends colleagues and customers, we are back with a new selection of moth and butterfly pupae, imported from the Philippines, Asia. The pupae are already available in our shop, shipping of pupae will start on 13 October. All the species are offered at a discount price, pre-sale with limited quantities!

In the present article we introduce the list of the novel moth and butterfly pupae available in our shop, please mind to read the descriptions and inform about the life cycle of the species that you wish to purchase. Mind to read carefully our shipping disclaimer and the terms of service.

All our prices do include 21% Dutch VAT, if you are a business and you have a VAT number, please contact us privately at [email protected] so that we can invoice you the costs ex-VAT.

Live butterfly pupae from the Philippines

We offer a range of 10 diurnal species of Lepidoptera, most of them feed on common hosts and can be reared in captivity. Butterflies in the list display with a great variety of colors, behaviors and shapes, ideal for any display. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing our newsletter in our contact section.

The butterfly pupae below are perfect for greenhouses or medium-large breeding environments. Please mind that diurnal butterflies hatch fast, thus we cannot ship any of the following species outside the EU (except for USA with the Express Courier option for 35,00EUR). Orders within EU will require a fast shipping method (Express courier).

2,65EUR each (incl. VAT) – Papilio polytes
2,50EUR each (incl. VAT) – Doleschallia bisaltide
2,80EUR each (incl. VAT) – Papilio lowi
3,10EUR each (incl. VAT) – Papilio rumanzovia
3,10EUR each (incl. VAT) – Papilio palinurus
2,50EUR each (incl. VAT) – Hypolimnas bolina
2,65EUR each (incl. VAT) – Idea leuconoe
2,80EUR each (incl. VAT) – Graphium agamennon
2,60EUR each (incl. VAT) – Philippines butterfly MIX 10pcs
2,40EUR each (incl. VAT) – Philippines butterfly MIX 20pcs
2,25EUR each (incl. VAT) – Philippines butterfly MIX 50pcs
Butterfly pupae for sale at discount prices, buy here.
Hypolimnas bolina female
Hypolimnas bolina female from Philippines

Live moth pupae from the Philippines, Saturniidae

Saturniidae, which are commonly known as saturnids, consists in family of Lepidoptera with an estimated 2,300 described species. This family contains some of the largest species of moths in the world and we are very happy to offer, despite being only one species, one of the largest living moth in the world. You can order moth pupae directly from our SHOP.

3,80EUR each (incl. VAT) – Attacus lorquinii
Moth pupae for sale, buy here.

Adults of these large and stunning Asian moths will emerge from pupae in approximately 2 weeks. Pairing them can be obtained in medium size (40x60cm) cages. Pupae need to be kept humid, being careful of avoiding excess of water that can cause mold to grow. High temperatures will help in synchronizing adults’ emergence. Attacuas lorquinii emergence is much more rapid compared to the famous Attacus atlas, the giant Atlas moth.

Shipping disclaimer and terms of service for live Lepidoptera pupae

Please read carefully the text below in order to understand the different shipping options for live butterflies and moths, all pupae from the Philippines. Please mind that choosing the right shipping method is key to receive the material in good conditions. Policies for shipping will be divided according to the Lepidoptera categories offered. If you are ordering from Italy, pay attention to the last chapter.

Saturniidae pupae and cocoons shipping policy

Saturniidae pupae are shipped from Italy, in this case Attacus lorquinii pupae only. We do cover all orders sent towards EU by guarantee if they are done with courier shipment (both normal 18EUR and express options 35EUR). Although we can ship Saturniidae pupae worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside EU.

Butterfly pupae shipping policy

Butterfly pupae are shipped from Italy. We do cover all orders of diurnal butterfly pupae from the Philippines sent towards EU by guarantee only if they are done with express courier shipment (35EUR option). Unfortunately, given their fast hatching time, we cannot deliver butterfly pupae worldwide, we will cancel and refund immediately any order received from outside EU containing these species (except for USA with the Express Courier option for 35,00EUR)

Papilio lowi pupae
Papilio lowi, stunning female hatched in our greenhouse.

Butterflies and moths shipping policies for Italy

If you order from Italy, please select the priority shipping option for 11EUR, your pupae will be sent with 24-48h courier and all of them (butterflies and moths) will be covered by 100% guarantee. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

Terms of service and contacts

Any claim for butterfly pupae must be submitted max 48h after the arrival of the parcel. Claims received after this period can be refused. We commit to offer the best service possible in order to deliver smoothly and safely. For any additional information please write to [email protected]

If you want lo learn more on tropical butterflies, we suggest to visit Cambridge web page.

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