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Shipping policies for December 2020: an important update

Shipping policies for December 2020: an important update

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Shipping policies, clear and updated, are a key for our customer experience in TimeToBreed. We try to clarify it all in this article.

Shipping policies for December 2020

Dear customers, we write this update to clarify the national and international delivery policy and the terms applied for the end of the year 2020. As every year, before Christmas holidays, postal service suffers delays and becomes even more unpredictable. Being the year 2020 peculiar by itself in terms of postal deliveries, we figured out that the best way to ensure safe arrival of goods is shipping with express courier only until the end of the year. Our special delivery promotion of 16 EUR instead of 24 EUR remains active.

Shipping policies: livestock shipping

From now on, until the end of December 2020, all livestock products towards EU will be sent with express courier option only, in order to avoid the typical pre-Christmas postal delays. Any livestock order sent outside Italy will not be covered by 100% guarantee as it has been until now. Deliveries within Italy will still be under our full guarantee. The only exception in the livestock category consists in Phasmatodea (stick insects) eggs. Being such eggs very stable and their hatching time expected in more than 1 month, we will keep shipping them with priority shipping.

All deliveries will be suspended from 18 December 2020 until 4 January. 2021. You will still be able to purchase items during this period. All orders received in the closing period will be promptly shipped the 4th and 5th January.

We are working to offer the best possible service in terms of delivery and livestock handling. If you are not sure if placing an order, please write us at [email protected] and we will be happy to find together the best possible option. To this purpose, we are issuing a short term pre-order for 5 species of Madagascar butterfly and moth pupae. This way we will able to promptly ship them upon their arrival.

Other (non-live) goods policy

Any non-live product remains covered by 100% guarantee, independently of its destination. If you are combining in a single order livestock + non-live products, the livestock part will not be covered by guarantee if you order from outside Italy.

Shipping policies: learn more about TimeToBreed

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Stay updated for more news using our usual channels, since especially during these times, having clear informations about shipping is so relevant.

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