Melanocera menippe saturniidae

Saturniidae, Nymphalidae and Papilionidae pupae from Kenya

Saturniidae, Nymphalidae and Papilionidae pupae from Kenya

Melanocera menippe saturniidae in

Dear friends colleagues and customers, we are happy to announce the first selection of Saturniidae, Nymphalidae and Papilionidae pupae from Kenya, central Africa. The pupae are already available in our shop, shipping of pupae will start on 31 March, pre-sale with limited quantities!

In this article we show the list of the novel moth and butterflies present in our shop, please mind to read the descriptions and inform about the life cycle of the species you wish to purchase. Mind to carefully read our shipping disclaimer and terms of service, so that you will be 100% aware of the terms and need of this trade.

All our prices do include 21% Dutch VAT, if you are a business and you have a VAT number, please contact us privately at [email protected] so that we can invoice you the costs ex-VAT.

Saturniidae pupae from Kenya, species list

Saturniidae, which are commonly known as saturniids, consists in family of Lepidoptera with an estimated 2,300 described species. This family contains some of the largest species of moths in the world and we are very happy to offer, for the first time, a wide range of Saturniidae from Kenya. You can order them directly from our SHOP.

4,50EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Argema Mimosae, the African moon moth
4,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Bunea Alcione, the emperor moth.
4,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Gonimbrasia Zambesina
4,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Gynanisa Maja
4,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Gonimbrasia (Nudaurelia) Dione
4,00EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Epiphora intermedia SPECIAL OFFER!
4,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Melanocera menippe
Saturniidae species list, order in our SHOP
Bunaea alcinoe saturniidae
Male (left) and female (right) of Bunaea aslauga

Adults of these large and stunning African Saturniidae moths will emerge from pupae in approx. 2-5 weeks. Pairing them can be obtained in medium size (40x60cm) cages. Pupae need to be kept on a humid substrate, being careful of avoiding excess of water that can cause mold to grow. High temperatures will help in synchronizing emergence.

Nymphalidae and Papilionidae pupae from Kenya, species list

The first round of Saturniidae, Nymphalidae and Papilionidae starts with only 3 species of the diurnal families of Lepidoptera. Will substantially increase the African diurnal butterfly catalogue in the next months. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing our newsletter in our contact section.

To begin we present 3 beautiful species that are perfect for greenhouses or whatever medium-large breeding environment. Please mind that diurnal butterflies hatch fast, thus we cannot ship any of the following species outside the EU. Orders within EU will require a fast shipping method (Express courier).

3,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Charaxes fulvences
3,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Papilio dardanus
3,20EUR cad (incl. VAT) – Salamis parhassus
Papilionidae and Nymphalidae species list, order in our SHOP

Shipping disclaimer and terms of service

Please read carefully the text below to understand the different options to ship butterflies and moth pupae from Kenya. Please mind that choosing the right shipping method is key to receive the material safe. Policies for shipping will be divided according to the Lepidoptera families offered. If you are ordering from Italy, pay attention to the last chapter.

Saturniidae shipping policy

Saturniidae Nudaurelia dione
Nudaurelia dione, freshly hatched specimen.

Saturniidae pupae are shipped from Italy. We do cover all orders sent towards EU by guarantee if they are done with courier shipment (both normal 18EUR and express options 35EUR). Although we can ship Saturniidae pupae worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside EU.

Papilionidae and Nymphalidae shipping policy

Papilionidae and Nymphalidae pupae are shipped from Italy. We do cover all orders of diurnal butterfly pupae from Kenya sent towards EU by guarantee only if they are done with express courier shipment (35EUR option). We cannot deliver Papilionidae and Nymphalidae pupae worldwide, we will cancel and refund immediately any order received from outside EU containing these species.

Shipping policies for Italy

If you order from Italy, please select the priority shipping option for 11EUR, your pupae will be sent with 24-48h courier and all of them (Saturniidae, Nymphalidae and Papilionidae) will be covered by 100% guarantee. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

Terms of service and contacts

Any claim for damaged material must be submitted max 48h after the arrival of the parcel. Claims received after this period can be refused. We commit to offer the best service possible in order to deliver smoothly and safely. For any additional information please write to [email protected]

If you want lo learn more on African Saturniidae, we suggest to visit and

Pictures of Melanocera menippe are courtesy of Sven Damerow, picture of Epiphora mythimnia is courtesy of Bart Coppens and picture of Nudaurelia dione is courtesy of Diego Della Valle.

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