Phyllium letiranti eggs x30


Product: Live eggs of Phyllium letiranti

Info: Packs of 30 eggs each

Origin: “Peleng island” Sulawesi, Indonesia

Host Plants: Rubus, Eucalyptus, Rosa, Quercus and others

Hatching time: 2-3 months

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Phyllium letiranti eggs x30

Is a species of phasmid or walking leaf of the genus Phyllium. It is currently only found in Peleng, Indonesia.

This is a sexual stick insect species, adults will pair and the female will lay eggs.

Eggs of this species hatch in 4-5 months. The ones for sale have been incubated for a couple of months and are expected to hatch in 2-3 months depending on temperature. Nymphs take 6 months and 6 molts before reaching adulthood. Adults of Phyllium letiranti live for other 8 months, laying eggs and mating throughout this period.


These eggs are shipped from Italy. We strongly recommend courier for large orders. Although we can ship eggs worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside the EU. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

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