Peruphasma schultei nymphs x12


Product: Live nymphs of Peruphasma schultei

Info: Packs of 12 nymphs each

Origin: South America

Host Plants: Ligustrum

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Peruphasma schultei nymphs x12

This phasmid species has a black coloration and presents small red wings but it cannot fly. Females can reach 10cm length at. They are beautiful and very easy to rear, thus suitable and recommended for beginners. Peruphasma schultei consume low amounts of food so can be reared also in potted plants. This is a sexual stick insect species, adults will pair and the female will lay eggs.

The species has the Phasmid Study Group number PSG270. 

Nymphs take 6 months and 6 molts before reaching adulthood. Adults of Peruphasma schultei live for other 8 months, laying eggs and mating throughout this period.

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