Heteropteryx dilatata eggs x20


Product: Live eggs of Heteropteryx dilatata

Info: Packs of 20 eggs each

Origin: Malaysia

Host Plants: Rubus, Hedera, Rosa, Quercus and others

Hatching time: 6-10 months

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Heteropteryx dilatata eggs x20

Heteropteryx dilatata, the Jungle Nymph, Thorny Tree-Nymph Stick Insect, is an outstanding Phasmatodea species which is appreciated by amateur insect lovers for its huge size and appealing shape. H. dilatata is the heaviest stick insect in the world, with females reaching up to 50g. It exhibits the sexual dimorphism of many similar insects, males are small and thinner. The species has the Phasmid Study Group number PSG18.

The jungle nymph grows very slow (approx. 1 year to maturity) and it’s quite sensitive to humidity and temperature. For these reasons H. dilatata eggs are not easy to obtain in large numbers.

We keep our brood in a 1:1 ratio of males and females to ensure all the eggs have been fertilized and came from sexual reproduction. These eggs have been incubated for 2/4 months and are expected to hatch in about 6-10 months depending on temperature. Please mind Heteropteryx dilatata eggs are very slow and can take up to one year before the young nymph will hatch.

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