Cricula trifenestrata cocoons

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Product: Live Cocoons of Cricula trifenestrata

Info: Sold individually. Orders of 2 or more pcs will include approx. 50% males and females

Origin: Java, Indonesia

Host Plants:Rhododendron, Eucalyptus, Salix, Quercus, Liquidambar, Malus, Prunus

Hatching time: 2-4 weeks upon arrival

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Cricula trifenestrata cocoons are now available, healthy strain from Java, Indonesia. This species is peculiar for the production of golden silk, which is used for textile in Indonesia.

Cricula trifenestrata is a medium size Saturniidae that is easily bred in captivity. They feed on a high variety of hosts, ideal for winter and spring breeding.

Warm temperatures and humidity are recommended to let them emerge.

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