Attacus atlas ABERRATION – Male


Product: Dried unmounted specimen

Species and Sex: Attacus atlas (1 male)

Specimen Origin: Mae Koeng, Wang Chin District, Phrae, Thailand

 Quality: A1 Ex-Pupae


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Attacus atlas ABERRATION – Male

The dry specimen/s sold in our ad correspond solely to the specimen/s shown in picture. They are carefully dried and stored to perfectly preserve their integrity. All dried specimen are shipped with a special packaging, which ensure their safe arrival.


Top quality unmounted Attacus atlas (Labelled) CODE:2020_10

Large size aberrant male specimen, displaying an atypical forewing pattern.


Product: Attacus atlas x1 dried specimen (1 male)

Quality: A1 Ex-Pupae

Collection data: Wang Chin District, Phrae, Thailand. (17°55’34.3″N 99°33’43.1″E) 19/10/2019

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