Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe eggs (15pcs)


Product: Live eggs of Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe

Info: Each unit contains 15 eggs

Origin: F0 from Val Camonica (BS), Italy

Host Plants: Viola

Hatching time: overwintering, will hatch in Spring

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Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe eggs

Argynnis (Fabriciana) niobe live eggs for sale, Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae.

These eggs will overwinter. The caterpillars develop inside the eggshell but don’t hatch. In Spring, the caterpillars break the eggshell and start feeding on Viola species.

Adults pair easily in full sun even in small mesh cage. We recommend you to provide them some dry and brown fern leaves, as females love their texture and will lay a lot of eggs on them. Fern leaves surface may be similiar to tree trunks and branches for the females, that’s why they love to lay on them.

It has one generation per year. Overwintering this species is not easy and it may require some trials to do it successfully.

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