Acherontia atropos – Male


Product: Dried unmounted specimen

Species and Sex: Acherontia atropos (1 male)

Specimen Origin: F1 from wild collected male in Milano province, Italy

Quality: A1 Ex-Pupae

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The dry specimen/s sold in this ad not correspond to the specimen/s shown in picture.


Top quality unmounted Acherontia atropos (Labelled)


Product: Acherontia atropos x1 dry specimen (1 male)

Quality: A1 Ex-Pupae

Collection data: F1 from wild collected female in Milano province, Italy

We can produce large quantities of selected species on request. Examples are Acherontia atropos, Daphnis nerii, Samia ricini and virtually any other Lepidoptera. Prices and terms of the agreements will be stipulated privately.

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