Acherontia atropos eggs (25pcs)


Product: Live Eggs of Acherontia atropos

Info: Packs of 25 eggs each = 1 unit corresponds to 25 eggs.

Origin: F2 from Cavenago di Brianza (MB), Italy

Host Plants: Ligustrum, Solanaceae, Fraxinus, Eunomyous and many others.

Hatching time: 7-10 days after egg laying

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ExtraEU orders will be at buyer’s risk since we can’t guarantee safe arrival due to fast hatching of this species.

Acherontia atropos, eggs for sale.

Eggs are collected from 7 different fertilized females and sent the day after being laid.

Eggs are being laid in these days and only fresh ones will be sent out. These eggs will be available through the next 3-4 weeks, so if they’re sold out today it doesn’t mean there won’t be new ones tomorrow, there should be plenty for anyone.

Eggs hatch in 7-10 days after egg laying and larvae can be reared on Ligustrum, Solanaceae, Fraxinus, Eunomyous and many others.

Very easy and quick to rear, adults need to be fed every other day with a 40% honey-water solution to make them pair and lay lot of eggs.

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