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New: Host Plant Seeds for Lepidoptera rearing

Host plant seeds lepidoptera in

Host Plant Seeds for Lepidoptera Rearing

Dear colleagues,

Butterflies and moth rearing is usually cheap in terms of space and total costs. Unfortunately, the most limiting factor in rearing such animals is the host plant availability, which can vary a lot according to the geographical area where the breeder lives. For this reason, we are starting to collect and offer seeds of valuable host plants, which can be very useful at certain latitudes or areas, where they are not present.

To start on with this new project, we are offering seed of two plant species, that we intensively use for our broods: Ricinus communis and Alliara petiolata

Ricinus communis: The castor bean or castor oil plant, is a species of perennial flowering plant, in the familty Euphorbiaceae. In colder climates, this plant will die during winter and need to be planted again every spring. R. communis is the perfect host for Samia ricini and other Samia sp., providing incredible results in terms of size and quality of pupae.

Ricinus communis castor bean
Ricinus communis plant flowering

Alliara petiolata: The garlic mustard, is a biennal flowering plant in the Brassicaceae family. All parts of the plant, including the roots, give off a strong odour like garlic. This plant is the perfect host for the orange tip butterfly, Anthocharis cardamines.

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