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Neotropical pupae from Costa Rica sadly delayed

Neotropical pupae from Costa Rica sadly delayed

neotropical pupae costa rica butterflies in

Dear friends and colleagues, very sadly, we announce that the import from Costa Rica, scheduled for the end of July, has been cancelled for the spreading Covid-19 disease in central America, which is severely affecting trade and standard activities throughout all those countries.

Neotropical pupae: Covid-19 emergency from Costa Rica, import delayed for sanitary emergency

Two week ago, upon the raising number of daily infections in the country, Costa Rica government announced the beginning of a second general lock down, that was prolonged until 31 July. The central American situation is yet very critical and non necessary trades have been blocked.

For these reasons, it’s not possible to proceed anymore with the import but we are working to rescheduled it as soon as it will be feasible.

Rescheduling neotropical pupae import

According to the Costa Rica government, in August it will be possible to regularly export again. We cannot anticipate any date yet but we are doing as much as possible, collaborating with the pupae farmers, to rearrange the import. It will be likely done in the second half of August.

Stay tuned for more updates! Finger crossed for all the people living there and we really hope they can go through this complicate situation as smooth as possible.

In the meantime you can keep on checking our shop for other species.

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