Giant atlas moth eggs

Attacus atlas eggs, the giant atlas moth

Attacus atlas eggs, the giant atlas moth

Giant atlas moth eggs in

More Attacus atlas atlas eggs are available, the giant atlas moth. Adults are pairing like crazy in medium cages 40x40x60 cm, thus we offer a summer discount (10€ / 30 eggs). VISIT THE SHOP to order them! Time To Breed will offer soon two fantastic moths from the biggest African island, Madagascar: Argema mittrei and Ceranchia apollina.

Breeding and rearing the Giant Atlas Moth

giant atlas moth
Two females of Attacus atlas from Java, Indonesia

Attacus atlas, the giant atlas moth, can be reared on Ligustrum ovalifolium or several other species of host plants, as Ailanthus altissima or Syringa vulgaris. Conversely to other breeders, we report that this species grows perfectly without any extra humidity.

We never spray the caterpillars with water and we found that this way we strongly reduce mortality in Attacus atlas broods and in a wide range of other species. Although this species lives in very humid areas in south east Asia, pathogens are very different compared to temperate regions. Increasing humidity triggers pathogens proliferation and, in our hands, should be done only if coupled to disinfectants.

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