Papilio dardanus form lamborni

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera list – Feb 2022

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera list – Feb 2022

Papilio dardanus form lamborni in

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera list – February 2022

Dear customers,

Here you find the list of current dried unmounted Lepidoptera specimens, mostly Nymphalidae , Papilionidae, Saturniidae and Sphingidae. The list is updated on 9 February 2022. Contact us for more information and pictures of specimens whether you require them. All the specimens have been carefully dried and papered. They will be shipped in a safe box, with several layers of protection, to ensure the best arrival of the specimens.

We offer stock production on request, if you need a particular species in large numbers we can produce it for you!

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera list – download

Ask for pictures of specimens if you require them, all coded specimens do have pictures.

Monthly deal: 5% off if you buy 50+ dried unmounted Lepidoptera specimens; for 100+ specimens you get 10% off; for 200+ specimens you get 14% off

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