Attacus atlas pupae cocoons for sale

Attacus atlas cocoons available! New offer!

Attacus atlas pupae cocoons for sale in

Attacus atlas cocoons for sale, the giant atlas moth!

Attacus atlas cocoons are now available! Beautiful strain from Indonesia. A must have species for breeders. Despite being fairly common in captive broods, obtaining an healthy stock like this one has become quite difficult.

This species scores records in terms of pupal weight and number of eggs laid. A single pupae can weight up to 18-19g and, after emergence, a large female can lay more than 400 eggs.​

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Cocoons are sold individually and orders of 2 or more pcs will include approx. 50% males and females. Discounts are available for large quantities, please contact us for more details.

Attacus atlas moth care – rearing tips

Pupae will emerge in approximately 3-8 weeks, keep them warm and humid to synchronize thier emergence as much as possible. Attacus atlas emergence is quite unpredictable. Adults pair spontaneously in medium size cages and copula lasts until the following day.

Attacus atlas breeding
Attacus atlas caterpillar on Ligustrum ovalifolium

Conversely to other breeders, we report that the larvae of this species grow perfectly without any extra humidity. We never spray the caterpillars with water and we found that this way we strongly reduce mortality in A. atlas broods and in a wide range of other species. Although this species lives in very humid areas in south east Asia, pathogens are very different compared to temperate regions. Increasing humidity triggers pathogens proliferation and, in our hands, should be done only if coupled to disinfectants.

The giant atlas moth is distributed across south east Asia and populations differ slightly one from each other. If you want to check reports and distribution, we suggest checking iNaturalist for Attacus atlas.

Shipping disclaimer for live Attacus atlas cocoons

These cocoons are shipped from the UK. All orders sent with ordinary shipping outside the UK are not covered by guarantee. We do cover all orders sent towards EU with tracked shipping or express courier. We strongly recommend tracked shipping or courier for large orders in particular. Although we can ship Attacus atlas cocoons worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside the EU. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

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