Attacus atlas cocoons

Attacus atlas, the giant Atlas moth available now

Attacus atlas, the giant Atlas moth available now

Attacus atlas cocoons in

Attacus atlas, the giant Atlas moth, is one of the most famous Lepidoptera species worldwide, being known also outside the entomologist’s niche. Why is it so much appreciated by insect breeders and collectors?

Well, Attacus atlas is one of the largest moths on earth and it’s wingspan can reach up to 30cm, being the females normally larger compared to the males. In addition, it’s wings display bright colors and an attractive pattern. Captive breeding and rearing of the giant Atlas moth it is quite easy to successfully obtain. In the following article, you will find brief but useful information on how to rear Attacus atlas starting from our cocoons which are available again in our shop.

Attacus atlas: an introdution

Like the other members within the Saturniidae moth family, adults do not have functional mouth parts and can only live for a few days, generally from 4 to 8. Although more than 20 species and subspecies are present in the genus Attacus, the giant Atlas moth, Attacus atlas, is native to the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia. In some areas of this region, as Indonesia, they are extensively reared for the production of silk fibers, called wild silk. Their product is a rough and woolly silk, which is used as an alternative to the conventional fibers obtained by the mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori.

attacus atlas moth
Attacus atlas adult female, very large and beautiful specimen emerged at the Time To Breed facility.

Attacus atlas cocoons for sale

One of our favorite species. Despite being fairly common in captive broods, obtaining an healthy stock has become quite difficult. Thailand population is the biggest in terms of wingspan (we have seen many specimen above 26cm), they score records in terms of pupal weight and number of eggs laid. Thai atlas have bright colors and more thin terminal tips of the forewings. A single pupae can weight up to 18-19g and, after emergence, it can lay more than 300 eggs.​

We offer stunning and large Attacus atlas cocoons from Thailand for sale in our shop. You can buy them from today, don’t miss the opportunity to rear such an incredible moth species.

Rearing and breeding Attacus atlas

Breeding and rearing Lepidoptera in general is broadly explained in our Lepidoptera breeding section, visit it to discover the fantastic world of butterflies and moth in captivity. Here we explain how to care about giant Atlas moth cocoons once you have received them at home.

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Giant Atlas moth caterpillar at the final instar, L6. Reared on Ligustrum ovalifolium

Attacus atlas, how to care about cocoons

The A. atlas moth cocoons will came to your home inside a safe box, remove them as soon as possible and put them on the bottom of a rearing cage. Hanging them is possible but not necessary for their proper emergence. Once the adult exits the cocoon, it is able to climb the cage wall autonomously in order to spread it’s large wings. Keep the cocoons at room temperature, which is fine for them, and spray them often with water. If you want to emulate their native climate conditions, remember to check their local climate (Phrae, Thailand).

Attacus atlas eggs, the cycle starts again

Pairing Attacus atlas is relatively easy in medium size cage with no need to use the handpairing technique. Warm environment is needed to make the male active and ensure a successful copula. Given their short lifespan, the hardest part of breeding this large moth species is having a couple emerging together. We suggest to buy at least 8-10 cocoons, to increase the possibilities of a mating. Adults emergence is quite unpredictable and can be forced by increasing the temperature over 26C.

If you have more questions about breeding and rearing, we will be happy to help you further. Write us through the live chat or at [email protected]

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