actias gnoma lepidoptera saturniidae eggs livestock japanese moon moth

26-05-2020: Actias gnoma eggs

actias gnoma lepidoptera saturniidae eggs livestock japanese moon moth in

Actias gnoma eggs for sale

Actias gnoma, the japanese moon moth, is a member of the Saturniidae family, distributed in far East Russia and Japan. This species has two generation per year and overwinters as cocoon from the summer brood.

Rearing is easy as soon as there is enough ventilation, so avoid plastic boxes for later instars. The adults have thicker wing tails than other Actias species. This stock come from Hyuge province, Japan, so fresh and strong.

Caterpillars feed on Alnus species, but we reared some on Liquidambar last year. Even if we ended up with some cocoons, we don’t recommend using Liquidambar to rear this species, as mortality was very high and cocoons smaller than the ones reared on Alnus.

Pairing is easy to obtain in 40x40x60 mesh cage outside. Eggs are laid on the mesh with no need to providing host plant. The pairing is quick so you may miss it. We find a male very close to a female in the morning and the next evening the female started laying eggs. So if you find a similiar situation, they should have paired.

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Eggs are usually shipped into small plastic tubes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger container, allowing caterpillars to have enough space to hatch and move.

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