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18-3-2020 : Antheraea jana cocoons

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Antheraea jana (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae) cocoons for sale

Antheraea jana (Stoll, 1782) is a wonderful Saturniidae distributed across Indonesia.

We offer cocoons of this species, adults will emerge in 3-6 weeks from now. Pairing them can sometimes be tricky for unknown reasons, copula can be successfully obtained in medium size (40x60cm) cages, either outdoor o indoor.

A fertile female lays many hundreds of eggs, from 200 to 350.

Here you find the link for Antheraea jana cocoons in our shop

Color Variation as an Unconventional Defense Mechanism

Antheraea jana shows a plethora of color forms. The genetic and evolutionary mechanisms underlying such variation haven’t been determined yet.​

Saturniidae present different defense mechanisms against predators, as the presence of tails in the forewings (Actias sp., Argema sp. and others) or vivid eyespots (Ex. Automeris sp., Antherina suraka). It is possible to speculate that such color variation might be linked to a less conventional defense mechanisms.

In the picture below, 4 females of Antheraea jana are shown.

Antheraea jana moth Saturniidae pupae for sale

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