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11-10-2020 : Antherina suraka & Samia ricini eggs

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Antherina suraka & Samia ricini eggs for sale

Antherina suraka, the Madagascar bullseye moth, eggs available again. We had two pairing last night. We’ll mix the eggs from the different females to guarantee you more genetic variability in your breeding.

Antherina suraka is the only species of the genus Antherina, which is monotypic. It feeds on many plants: Nerium oleander, Ligustrum, Prunus, Liquidambar, Fraxinus, Rhus and so many more, making it easy to find one around your place.

Both adults and caterpillars show many different color forms. Rearing is easy and quick and so is pairing. Don’t miss the chance to rear this wonderful species!

Samia ricini, a member of the Saturniidae family, is the perfect species to start with.

It is very easy to rear and breed and produces quality white silk, that can be valuable for homemade spinning.

The strain that we sell is among the biggest captive strains on the market, adults up to 16cm wingspan.

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Antherina suraka eggs for sale in the shop

Samia ricini eggs for sale in the shop

Learn how to take care about Lepidoptera eggs

Eggs are usually shipped into small plastic tubes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger container, allowing caterpillars to have enough space to hatch and move.

Standard 80mm plastic Petri dishes (fig.A) are a very common tools to store the eggs and let the caterpillars hatch inside. Check our Petri dishes. Other kind of small plastic boxes can be used; it is recommended to perform holes or modify the boxes to allow aeration. Close the boxes with a fine mesh, tulle is widely used for this purpose (fig.B). Check our plastic boxes. Avoid the use of medium/big boxes because caterpillars will tend to move a lot and spread inside the box…..

Learn more by reading the full article at: Eggs and Pupae care in Butterflies and Moths

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