Macroglossum stellatarum Melitaea phoebe

06-06-2020: Macroglossum stellatarum and Melitaea phoebe pupae

Macroglossum stellatarum Melitaea phoebe in

Macroglossum stellatarum and Melitaea phoebe pupae available

Live pupae of Macroglossum stellatarum & Melitaea phoebe are now available, two easy rearing Lepidoptera species. Unusual but funny combination of diurnal butterfly and moth pupae. This offer is a short time one and will last for max 7 days from now.

These pupae will hatch in about 10-12 days so a fast shipping is recommended outside Italy. Both species are easy to rear and breed. M. phoebe is F1 from Monza, Italy, M. stellatarum is F1 from central Italy.

You can combine this pupae with any product from the italian facility, with no increase in shipping price. EU SHIPPING ONLY

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