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04-06-2020: Samia ricini ZEBRA XXL eggs

Samia ricini zebra in

New strain available: Samia ricini ZEBRA XXL

Samia ricini ZEBRA XXL eggs, readily available.

This is the F2 generation obtained by crossing the classic ZEBRA strain with our super size Samia ricini, which does not present black dots in later larval instars.

The line obtained from this cross has been called ZEBRA XXL because shows larval features that resemble the classic Samia ricini ZEBRA. ZEBRA XXL is consistently larger in size and displays overall improvement of morphological features. Cocoons weight up to 4g. Adult vitality is enhanced and wingspan reaches 14-16cm.

Samia ricini zebra xxl caterpillars
Samia ricini ZEBRA XXL caterpillars (L5)

Samia ricini ZEBRA XXL eggs in the shop

Samia ricini, a member of the Saturniidae family, is the perfect species to approach Saturniidae breeding and rearing. It is very easy to rear and breed and produces quality white silk fibers, that can be valuable for homemade spinning.

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Larvae are usually shipped into small plastic boxes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger and well ventilated container and provide them fresh food. This way, they will recover very quickly from the journey-related stress

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