Morpho tropical butterfly for sale

Tropical butterflies from Costa Rica: for sale soon

Morpho tropical butterfly for sale in

Wonderful tropical butterfly pupae from Costa Rica: For sale soon

In order to fulfill the demand for tropical Lepidoptera pupae, we are arranging the first import of live butterflies from Costa Rica. We searched for a list of species which is suitable for greenhouses, but also possible to breed and rear in captivity, with a smaller setup. Together with butterflies, we are going to offer neotropical Saturniidae cocoons and pupae. If you are interested in the species described in this article please contact us for more details.

Butterfly pupae for sale
Examples of Neotropical pupae

Lepidoptera species list:

Here you find the list of the species (Papilionidae and Nymphalidae families) that we are looking forward selling in the next period. Saturniidae list will also come soon. Prices haven’t been set yet, they will likely range from 2 EUR to 3,8 EUR each pupae, depending on the species. Very high quality pupae that are produced in specialized butterfly farms, respecting the environment and the local wildlife.

  • Morpho helenor ssp.
  • Caligo eurilochus
  • Papilio cresphontes
  • Papilio anchisiades
  • Heliconius hecale
Papilio Heliconius Morpho Caligo

If you are looking forward rearing these species, we have found some valuable hosts that can be used for some of them: Heliconius hecale caterpillars do feed on Passiflora cerulea while Papilio anchisiades and Papilio cresphontes can be reared on Citrus.

Morpho helenor, the Helenor blue morpho or common blue morpho, is a famous neotropical butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. Their tarvae can be reared on many Fabaceae as Wisteria, Trifolium or Arachis.

Morpho helenor for sale
Morpho helenor male

How to order Costa Rica butterflies

Imports of live butterflies (pupae) will be scheduled at the end of the current month and possibly will start in July. Diurnal butterflies hatch very fast, thus they need to be shipped immediately upon arrival with express courier delivery ONLY. Diurnal butterflies from Costa Rica will be available for EU clients. We will start pre-ordering as soon as we arrange the import date. Stay tuned!

We would like to know how many clients are interested in such products, thus any feedback is higly appreciated. Do not hesitate to write us for further informations.

Write us if you are interested in Costa Rica butterflies – Click here to find the form

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