Antherina suraka aberration

Saturniidae ABERRATIONS – Special Ebay Auction

Antherina suraka aberration in

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Various Saturniidae ABERRATIONS Listed in This Special Ebay Auction

During the last months, we had the luck to collect several aberrations and rare forms from our broods. A special Ebay auction has been launched yesterday and will last until 31 May at 17:44. This auction will include the best specimen from the 2019/2020 Time To Breed collection. Different forms of Antherina suraka, eye spots aberrations of Automeris io, giant Samia cynthia from Italy, Actias selene, Actias ningpoana and much more! Enjoy the bidding

You can follow the auction here on EBAY

Automeris io aberration

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The Time To Breed Team

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