Insect auctions Morpho rethenor

Rare insect auctions, 14th Edition

Rare insect auctions, 14th Edition

Insect auctions Morpho rethenor in

Dear customers, in 2020 we started a series of ebay insect auctions, hosted on the Ebay platform. Since the day 28 June 2020, more than 300 dried butterflies and moths have been sold in auctions by Time To Breed. After a long pause, rare insect auctions are back with the 14th edition of the Time To Breed and Cervus2005 action sessions, now hosted on the giacomo_ttb account (click to visit).

In the current session we offer dried butterfly and moth specimens for collectors and craft art specialists. A never seen collection of Attacus atlas aberrations, including more than 50 unique specimens, each one different from another. Amazing diurnal butterflies from South America and miscellaneous Saturniidae moths. As always, our collection includes aberrations, hybrids and rare forms. All collection data will be provided to the buyer with the best possible service in terms of customer care, product packaging and quality of specimen.

Agrias beatifica X Prepona dexamenus
Amazing male specimen Agrias beatifica X Prepona dexamenus. Rare hybrid butterfly from Peru.

Insect auctions: buy fantastic specimens at a bargain

For the 14th edition of the Time To Breed dried insect auctions, we present a set of 19 dried Lepidoptera. This will be one of the last sessions, don’t miss the opportunity to get unique specimens at a bargain. As always, we propose a beautiful selection of Morpho (different species) and Attacus atlas (ABERRATIONS and very nice color forms). New entry a perfectly intact Agrias beatifica X Prepona dexamenus hybrid male. All items are carefully packed, in double parcel, to ensure their integrity upon arrival. Worldwide shipping from Italy with tracked service. If you order from the EU, your parcel will be shipped with UPS standard courier (2-4 days).

14th dried insect auctions: list of specimens

dried unmounted Morpho
Left: Morpho adonis major male, Right: Morpho telemachus FORM foucheri
  • 1 male Agrias beatifica X Prepona dexamenus from Peru. Perfect A1 specimen of this stunning and colorful hybrid.
  • 6 Attacus atlas ABERRATIONS from Thailand. 6 moths from our special collection of Atlas moth aberrations.
  • 1 large and beautiful pair of Morpho rethenor helena from Peru , an iconic Morpho butterfly which represents a must have for tropical Lepidoptera collectors.
  • 2 males of Morpho adonis major from Peru, very good quality! Ideal for framers and collectors
  • 4 females of Morpho telemachus foucheri and Morpho telemachus tiberius from Peru, a large tropical butterfly.
  • 5 aberrations and unique specimens of Morpho helenor from Upala, Costa Rica.

All the specimens sold have been ethically sourced. All the aberrations are spontaneous, not induced by shocks. If you want more information about the origin or where they were reared, please send us an email.

Participate to the 14th Ebay auction session! Click here

The 14th session of insect auctions will finish on 24/10 at 16:40 UTC+1 – don’t lose the occasion to be the owner of one of these unique insect specimens. Enjoy the bidding!

A unique collection of Attacus atlas aberrations

The specimens offered in the current Ebay session are part of a 50pcs Attacus atlas ABERRATION collection, more than half of this collection has been sold already, don’t miss the opportunity to get such unique moths. Through these specimens is possible to observe the plethora of possible variations in Attacus atlas wing pattern. The current sequence of 6 ABERRATIONS highlights the most vulnerable yet plastic regions of the giant atlas moth wings and shows their degree of alteration.

Atlas moth for sale
Attacus atlas ABERRATION, A1 ex-pupa male specimen

Insect auctions: Contacts and additional information

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All the dried insect specimens will be carefully packed and shipped from Italy. As always, we hope that you will enjoy our selection of dried unmounted butterflies and moths.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information at [email protected], we answer every day, normally within 6 hours.

Enjoy the bidding

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