Sipyloidea sipylus eggs x30


Product: Live eggs of Sipyloidea sipylus

Info: Packs of 30 eggs each

Origin: Madagascar

Host Plants: Rubus, Crataegus, Rosa, Quercus

Hatching time: 1-2 months

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Sipyloidea sipylus eggs x30

Sipyloidea sipylus, the Madagascan stick insect is a nice Phasmatodea species which is largely reared by amateur insect lovers. It is a medium size stick insect, native to Madagascar. They have large wings and are able to fly, if disturbed they can fly away.

The species has the Phasmid Study Group number PSG4.

Sipyloidea sipylus adults are pathenogenetic, meaning that only females giving raise to more females are present in the colony. These eggs have been incubated for a couple of months and are expected to hatch in 1-2 months depending on temperature.

Sipyloidea sipylus nymphs take around 4 months to become adults and then can live up to one year.

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