Saturnia pavoniella cocoons


Product: Live cocoons of Saturnia pavoniella

Info: Sold individually, orders of 2+ pcs will be supplied with approx. 50% M/F ratio

Origin: F1 from Roma, Italy

Host Plants: Prunus, Malus, Pyrus, Rubus, Rosa

Hatching time: Spring 2021

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Saturnia pavoniella, F1 from Roma, Italy. Coocons for sale.

Beautifull cocoons obtained from wild parents, collected in Roma, Italy. These cocoons will emerge the next year, in early spring. They need to be kept at low temperatures during winter, possibly outside if you live in cold country. Exposing cocoons to temperatures below zero during winter is recommended for a good hatching rate.

Adults pair very easily outdoors and eggs hatch in 10-14 days after egg laying and larvae can be reared on Rosaceae as Prunus, Rubus, Rosa

Very easy to rear and breed, if this species flies in your area you can attract wild males by simply putting your caged female on your balcony.


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