Samia cynthia eggs (30pcs)


Product: Live Eggs of Samia cynthia

Info: Each unit contains 30 Eggs

Origin: Wild parents from Lombardia, Italy

Host Plants: Ailanthus, Ligustrum, Liquidambar, Pruns

Hatching time: 10-13 days after egg laying

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We offer eggs of Samia cynthia

These eggs are obtained from wild collected overwintering cocoons in Lombardia (Italy), obtained from different locations.

This is an amazing Samia cynthia stock. This species performs 2 or 3 generations per year before overwintering as cocoons.

Easy to rear on Ailanthus and very easy to breed in medium cages, both indoors or outdoors.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These eggs are shipped from Italy with priority shipping only, in order to ensure fast arrival before hatching. We DO NOT assume responsibility for eggs hatching during travel for any eggs order which is sent outside EU. As always we will try to reship or refund when possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you order from EU, we do offer full reship or refund as always, in case of any problem.

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