Samia cynthia wild cocoons


Product: Live Cocoons of Samia cynthia

Info: Sold individually.

Origin: Lombardia region, Italy. Wild collected

Host Plants: Ligustrum, Ailanthus, Prunus, Liquidambar, Magnolia

Hatching time: April/May

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Samia cynthia cocoons for sale, wild collected in north Italy.

Samia cynthia is a beautiful Saturniidae originary from south east Asia. It was imported in Italy for silk production and accidentally released in the wild. After that, a Samia cynthia population has established in north Italy. Until 2015, S. cynthia was commonly found on A. altissima trees. Since 2016, due to increased parasitoids combined to an unusual series of storms coinciding with their spawning period, the population has gone though a severe bottleneck.

This cocoons are wild collected in north Italy, Lombardia region. TOP Quality stock.



These cocoons are shipped from Italy. We do cover all orders sent towards EU by guarantee. Although we can ship Samia cynthia cocoons worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside the EU. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

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