Phyllium gatungense eggs x25


Product: Live eggs of Phyllium gatungense

Info: Packs of 25 eggs each

Origin: Palawan, Philippines

Host Plants: Rubus, Eucalyptus, Rosa, Quercus and others

Hatching time: 2-3 months

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Phyllium gatungense eggs x25

Phyllium gatungense is a very interesting stick insect species with a characteristic leaf shape. Adult females are fairly large and can reach a length of about 10/12 cm.

This is a sexual stick insect species, adults will pair and the female will lay eggs.

Eggs of this species hatch in 4-5 months. The ones for sale have been incubated for a couple of months and are expected to hatch in 2-3 months depending on temperature. Nymphs take 6 months and 6 molts before reaching adulthood. Adults of Phyllium gatungense live for other 8 months, laying eggs and mating throughout this period.

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