Papilio demodocus pupae


Product: Live pupae of Papilio demodocus 

Info: Sold individually. 

Origin: Kenya

Host Plants: Citrus, Evodia, Zanthoxylum, Choysia, Foeniculum

Hatching time: 10-15 days

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Papilio demodocus pupae from Kenya, for sale.

Papilio demodocus, the Citrus swallowtail, is a large butterfly of the family Papilionidae. Adults pair easily if the have enough space to fly, the are laying machines! Very active during the day, definitely recommended to breed in large mesh cages and butterfly houses. They can live up to 40 days if properly fed.


These pupae are shipped from Italy. We do cover all orders of diurnal butterfly pupae from Kenya sent towards EU by guarantee only if they are done with express courier shipment (35EUR option). You can order from the US selecting the express courier shipment only (35EUR). If you order from Italy, please select the priority shipping option for 11EUR, your pupae will be sent with 24-48h courier and will be covered by 100% guarantee. If you have any doubt, feel free to write us for more details.

These pupae, together with all the other stocks from Kenya will be shipped out from 21 July.

Full description of species and terms of service in the “African butterfly and moth pupae, available now” article, check it!

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