Morpho peleides caterpillars (x20pcs)


Product: Live caterpillars of Morpho peleides 

Info: Packs of 20 caterpillars each

Origin: Central America

Host Plants: Leguminosae as Wisteria, Trifolium, Arachis, Robinia


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Morpho peleides caterpillars, the blue Morpho.

Morpho peleides, also known as the Blue Morpho, is an iconic butterfly species, appreciated for its large size and bright blue color. The species is referred by many specialists as subspecies of M. helenor, being thus called Morpho helenor peleides.

Packs of small (L1-l3) caterpillars fed on Wisteria.

Adults feed on fruits and sugary solutions, they display a beautiful flight and can pair in large spaces. Caterpillars can be reared on members of the Leguminosae family. They grow fairly easy in captivity and take about 2 months to develop into a pupa.


These caterpillars are shipped from Italy. EU delivery only! If you order from outside Italy please select courier shipment in order to ensure fast and safe arrival.

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