Antheraea polyphemus cocoons (x20)


Product: Live cocoons of Antheraea polyphemus

Info: Packs of 20x pcs each.  Approx. 50% males and females

Origin: F2 from NC, USA

Host Plants: Quercus, Carpinus, Betula, Liquidambar, Acer and many more

Hatching time: Emergence expected in April/May 2023

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Antheraea polyphemus cocoons, one of the biggest north American Saturniidae.

Packs of 20x cocoons each

Beautiful polyphemus moth cocoons, obtained from wild animals collected in NC, USA. Complete data on request.

In the wild, Antheraea polyphemus cocoons can be found hanging from various host plants. The most evident feature of this gorgeous moths is the presence of big and vivid eyespots on the hindwings. The name of the species came from greek mythology, the cyclops Polyphemus, described in Homer’s Odyssey. Such eyespots are widely conserved across Saturniidae family and are used to scare predators.


These pupae are shipped from Italy. Although we can ship Antheraea polyphemus pupae worldwide, we do not assume any responsibility for orders sent outside EU.

If you need any additional information please write at [email protected]

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