140g Raw Silk – S. ricini


Weight:  140g of raw silk

Description: Samia ricini empty cocoons, approx 350 units. Valuable fibers for spinning

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140g Raw Silk – S. ricini

140g of Raw Silk = about 350 empty Samia ricini cocoons

Samia ricini is a Saturniidae species which produces a valuable pure white silk, ideal for spinning.

We sell Cruelty Free Silk, what does it mean?

Our animals have hatched from the cocoons, they weren’t killed after the productions but paired to give raise to new offspring. All animals are reared in our facilities-You will find the empty pupae inside the cocoon, this is the clear sign the the adult has properly hatched.

Some cocoons might be little dirty because of meconium, which is the earliest stool of the adult after emergence. Do not worry, meconium is easily cleaned with water. Some of the cocoons may also be cut opened but, according to our tests, this is still good for spinning fibers.

We accept customs orders, in case you want to purchase different weights or you have specific requests.

For any question or doubt do not hesitate to contact us.


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