Ethics Disclaimer 

We encourage sustainable insect sourcing. We strongly disagree with any attempt to free any captive specimen into the wild, even if the specimen represents an autochthonous species. We consider captive breeding as disconnected from wild-life conservation or reintroduction programs. Such programs need to be handled by specialists researchers or other professionals.

Witnessing the cycle of an insect in captivity enhances the curiosity towards the biology of such incredible animals. Getting in contact with the world of insect captive breeding can be the first step into respect and awareness for the environment.


Legal Disclaimer

We operate according to UK laws for live insect breeding and trade. Please make sure that ordering live insects products is not violating your country’s law. In case it is required, please be sure of fulfilling the proper paperwork for importation. Livestock sent to the USA requires USDA permits, feel free to contact us if you need further information on the topic.

Material sent outside the EU, whilst we do our best to see that it arrives safely, and often refund or reship in case of delays, is sent at the BUYER’S RISK.

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