Argynnis niobe eggs

Italian Lepidoptera eggs and pupae

Argynnis niobe eggs in

Italian Nymphalidae and Sphingidae eggs and pupae available

We’re able to offer you a nice selection of italian Lepidoptera in this coming week.

  • Melitaea didyma pupae available, a nice Nymphalidae easy to rear and breed. The stock is F0 from Vimercate (MB). This species overwinters as caterpillars. We recommend to pot some Plantago lanceolata plants, it makes the rearing so much easier.
  • Aglais io eggs available, a butterfly we all know. It belongs to the Nymphalidae family and it’s very easy to rear and breed in low effort setup (text us to know more about it!). Caterpillars grow very well on Urtica sp. or Humulus lupulus. The stock is F1 from Milano province, Italy. This species overwinters as adult in Autumn.
  • Argynnis niobe overwintering eggs, a stunning, rarely offered Nymphalidae we were lucky to find at 1800m in Val Camonica (BS), Italy. Healthy and strong stock. The caterpillars fully develop but don’t hatch, they remain dormant inside the eggshell all winter long. In Spring, they hatch and start feeding on Viola species.
  • Melitaea celadussa eggs also from 1800m, Val Camonica (BS), Italy, few available. A small and pretty Nymphalidae species, easy to rear and breed. Caterpillars eat Plantago sp., Anthirrhinum sp., Veronica sp.. This species is univoltine, rarely bivoltine in hot but not dry climate. It overwinters as caterpillar.
  • Vanessa atalanta pupae, available from 7th September onwards, similiar in rearing and breeding to Aglais io. The stock is F1 from Milano province, Italy. Caterpillars feed on Urtica sp., Parietaria sp. and Humulus lupulus.
  • Macroglossum stellatarum eggs/L1 caterpillars, available from 7th September onwards. Lovely day-flying Sphingidae, very easy to rear and breed in low effort setup. It flies very well even in netted cages, making it a lovely species to observe. Even if the caterpillars don’t get very big, they eat a lot of Galium sp., their hostplant.

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We’re proud to be able to offer this selection of italian butterflies. These stocks are fresh and healthy and will remain strong for generations

vanessa atalanta butterfly live nymphalidae red admiral
Vanessa atalanta adult

Melitaea dydima, Aglais io, Melitaea celadussa and Argynnis niobe are available right now, while Vanessa atalanta and Macrgoglossum stellatarum will be ready to send in around one week. Make sure to contact us via email to [email protected] to combine items so we can send the freshest of each.

Shipping and guarantee disclaimer

These eggs and pupae are shipped from Italy with priority shipping or express courier, in order to ensure fast arrival before hatching. Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 pandemia, postal service has experienced random delays in deliveries towards EU and extra-EU countries. This is the reason why we DO NOT assume responsibility for eggs hatching or pupae emerging during travel for any order which is sent outside Italy with priority mail. As always we will try to reship or refund when possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. We guarantee safe arrival with express courier though. If you order from Italy, we do offer full reship or refund as always, in case of any problem.

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