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Insect livestock deliveries – Christmas break 2021

Insect livestock deliveries – Christmas break 2021

Insect livestock in

Dear customers,

Being the postal service lazy and unpredictable during the holiday period and temperatures going very cold, is definitely not safe to ship any insect livestock product. We inform that the Time To Breed shop will be closed until half January. Delays and even package losses are common throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Customer service won’t be suspended so feel free to reach out if you have specific requests using the form in our CONTACT section or by direct email to info (at)

We wish everybody happy holidays and hope that the new year will come with pleasant surprises.

How to deal insect livestock deliveries during holidays

As every year, we prefer to stop any insect livestock delivery during the sensitive period which goes from mid December to mid January. During this timeframe many parcels accumulate and less operators are working at the logistic centers. We have noticed a general delay in postage timings since the beginning of December 2021. The main goal of this holiday break is to protect insect livestock health and customer satisfaction.

Don’t worry as many new species of live insects will be advertised by the end of January 2022 and we will be back with regular offers and products as before.

If you are waiting any parcel to arrive to you, a valuable tool for tracking parcels of any transporter is ParcelsApp

Insect livestock – a forecast for 2022

Because of host plant sourcing, rearing butterflies and moths during winter can be a challenge if you leave in a cold country. Luckily there are many insect species that feed on evergreen plants and can accompany us during the colder months of the year.

Daphnis nerii moth
Daphnis nerii, two females and one male from Thailand

By the end of January 2022 Time To Breed will be back with insect livestock offers, among them:

Daphnis nerii, the oleander hawk moth, which is a valuable moth to rear during winter. Adults of this Sphingidae can be tricky to pair but a large cage and warm temperatures indoors should make it happen.

Hippotion celerio, an easy and nice Spinghidae species which feeds on Aracee and Rumex

Samia cynthia, wild cocoons collected in north Italy, the best Samia cynthia stock available worldwide. The perform 2-3 generation every year and enter diapause during the cold season.

Actias luna, beautiful and iconic north American Saturniidae

Saturnia centralis, rare moth from China, difficult to obtain as insect livestock

Iphiclides podalirius, the scarce swallowtail, common yet fascinating European Papilionidae

Many more species will be in stock, stay tuned for updates and subscribe our newsletter.

Happy holidays

Team Time To Breed

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Brian Bergman

What material will becoming in the near future .At present the postal service is working very well
Thank you
Brian Bergman

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