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Dried unmounted Lepidoptera – new list September 2022

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera – new list September 2022

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Dried unmounted Lepidoptera – list September 2022

Dear customers,

Finally, our latest list of dried butterflies and moths is online! The list consists in the full catalogue of unmounted Lepidoptera which are now for sale and readily available to dispatch.

The insect catalogue is published as a pdf document in our news section where you can easily download it. Please find it below in this article. Unfortunately, is not possible to include one by one these insect specimens in the shop as a normal item yet, their turnover is very fast.

In order to purchase the insect specimens in catalogue, you need to write us an email at [email protected] including the list of selected item. We will get back soon with a quote. Please remember to let us know your full delivery address.

Below you find the most updated list of current dried unmounted Lepidoptera specimens, mostly Nymphalidae, Papilionidae, Saturniidae and Sphingidae. This list has been updated on 6 September 2022.

buy Antherina suraka
Antherina suraka, dark specimen with a pale pink coloration, code M008

Contact us for more information and pictures of specimens whether you require them, all coded specimens do have pictures.. All the insect specimens shown below have been carefully dried and papered. They will be shipped in a safe box, with several layers of protection, to ensure the best arrival of the specimens.

We offer stock production of dried butterflies and moths on request, if you need a concrete species in large numbers we can produce it for you!

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera – download the full catalogue

Special offers of the month are higlighted in ORANGE
Naturally dead (non-killed) specimens are labelled as “n.d.” in the Quality column

Place your order via email at [email protected], safe payment through paypal, bank transfer or debit/credit card. Please don’t hesitate in asking if your have questions about the specimens.

Dried unmounted Lepidoptera – new species

The Time To Breed September 2022 dried butterflies and moths list includes a set of 1500+ unmounted Lepidoptera from more than 10 locations worldwide. The vaste majority of these specimens are captive reared at the Time To Breed facility (ex-pupa). We are now offering naturally dead specimens, which have been reared and completed their life here at the Time To Breed insect facility. Please find them in catalogue labelled as “n.d.”

Among these we have highlighted 24 special items, aberrations and rare forms from our collection that are for sale for the first time. Don’t miss the opportunity to get one of this unique specimens. We are accepting offers for a new wonderful specimens which has entered our collection, a putative Morpho peleides mutant showing an extra eye spot in the forewing (cover image).

A new set of Morpho (helenor) peleides and Morpho helenor carillensis is ready. Beautiful and large size animals reared at our facility. We offer all qualities including mint A1 specimens, A1- which are still very good ones and A2 for a cheap price. Ideal species for framers and butterfly artists.

In addition, special offers of the month include a super discount price for a stock of 110 Papilio lowi males and females A1 ex-pupa great quality! Different forms of the female are included in this batch.

Papilio lowi for sale
Examples of Papilio lowi specimens from our collection. Up is a female specimen whilst down is male. Both insects were properly papered, dried at 65C and then stored in the dark.

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We offer a constant turnover of several species of dried butterflies and moths. Keep updated on new arrivals throughout the year by subscribing to our newsletter. In case you want to be automatically notified when new products are available, Here you will find the newsletter subscribe form.

Time To Breed is active on Ebay, please check our new account for offers, private dealing is welcome

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Marc Frigerio

Non merci je ne suis pas intéressé par des papillons morts et vu l’expérience que j’ai vécu en vous achetant mes 40 chenilles de machaon toutes mortes en très peu de temps et tout cela sans excuses de votre part et sans aucun dédommagement d’ailleur je vous conseil de me rayer de vos envois mails Marc Frigerio

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