dried lepidoptera acherontia atropos

New dried Lepidoptera list – September 2021

New dried Lepidoptera list – September 2021

dried lepidoptera acherontia atropos in

Dear customers, this post is an update regarding our current stocks of dried butterflies and moths for collectors and craft art. Such posts are done irregularly but, if you wish to get more information, please contact us at [email protected]

All our dried Lepidoptera specimens are captive reared (ex-pupa) and not collected in the wild. They are labelled with the necessary information and carefully stored.

Dried Lepidoptera stock List – September 2021

Here you find the list of current dried unmounted Lepidoptera specimens including Saturniidae, Nympahlidae, Papilionidae and other families of butterflies and moths.

Samia ricini white unmounted
Samia ricini “WHITE”, male specimen. This strain has been generated in the Time To Breed facility.

Contact us for more information and the full price list. All the specimens have been carefully dried and papered. They will be shipped in a safe box, with several layers of protection, to ensure their safe arrival.

Species name N. pcs Sex Quality Origin Ref. Code
Acherontia atroposlarge quantities
Papilio machaon40M/FA1Spain / Italy
Boloria dia14M/FA1Pizzale, Italy
Attacus atlas (ABERRATION) 50+M/FA1Phrae, Thailand
Catopsilia florella7M/FA1Kenya
Samia ricini (WHITE ABERRATION)70MA1Special TTB strain
Samia ricini (ZEBRA)20MA1Captive strain
Samia ricini110M/FA1India
Samia cynthia8M/FA1Monza, Italy
Bunaea alcinoe7M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Antheraea pernyi25M/FA1China
Argema mimosae4M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Papilio demodocus40M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Danaus chrysippus14M/FA1Philippines
Papilio dardanus17M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Papilio lowi3M/FA1Philippines
Attacus lorquinii2M/FA1Philippines
Argema mittrei6M/FA1Madagascar
Morpho peleides54M/FA1Central America
Charaxes brutus23M/FA1Kakamega,Kenya
Charaxes saturnus4M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Deliphila elpenor2FA1Pizzale, Italy
Hypolimnas monteironis17M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Junonia oenone22M/FA1Kakamega, Kenya
Papilio polytes13M/FA1 Philippines

We can produce large quantities of selected species on request. Examples are Acherontia atropos, Daphnis nerii, Samia ricini and virtually any other Lepidoptera. Prices and terms of the agreements will be stipulated privately.

If you are interested in A1- or lower quality material please contact us via email: [email protected]

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Butterfly and moth aberrations and rare forms

In addition to the list above, which contains common yet beautiful specimens suitable for insect collectors and craft art suppliers, we do hold a collection of dried butterfly and moth aberrations and rare forms. Pictures and names of the species are not published yet but you can ask us for a list via email, images will be provided on request.

Aberrations are special specimens which display, normally as adults, variations from the typical species-specific pattern. Such variations can have different origins and causes. They can arise from a genetic variation or either be caused by environmental conditions affecting the insect development and post-embryonal development (from egg to pupae). Some aberrant specimens which display an alteration of the developmental pattern, a part from their unique beauty, may provide insights on the mechanics of Lepidoptera development. Aberrations are sought after by sophisticated insect collectors which wish to hold a set of unique and meaningful specimens.

Morpho peleides dried lepidoptera
Morpho peleides, unique male aberrant specimen

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in such unique specimens, in the meanwhile enjoy this purple aberration of Morpho peleides, which was born at the Time To Breed facility. This unique specimen has a bright purple region which seems to overlap the sal (spalt) domain of the wing disc.

Preserving and storing dried Lepidoptera

Preserving insects across the years is a challenge for collectors around the world. The purpose can be accomplished following precise protocols and guidelines. We are working on a guide on how to properly store dried Lepidoptera, in the meanwhile we recommend a very nice article on the subject:

Here you find a detailed article from the University of Oregon State on how to preserve insects and related arthropods at different stages.

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