Morpho helenor

Dried butterflies and moths for sale.

Morpho helenor in

Dried butterflies and moths for sale in the current Ebay auction session

Dear colleagues,

Time To Breed Ltd announces the beginning of a new collaboration that will bring to the market many dried butterflies and moths for sale. We are now working together with cervus2005 seller from Ebay, long standing specialist in diurnal butterflies.

Starting from 28 June 2020, a session of several Ebay auctions will be launched, including amazing diurnal butterflies from Costa Rica and miscellaneous Saturniidae and Sphingidae specimens. Our collection includes unique aberrations and rare forms. All data will be provided to the buyer with the best possible service in terms of customer service, packaging and quality of specimen.

Morpho helenor aberration
Morpho helenor ssp. female ABERRATION

Both cervus2005 and Time To Breed stocks will be merged in the UK and sold with the cervus2005 Ebay account during a series of Ebay actions. Items will be delivered with Tracked and signed service from Royal Mail only and carefully packaged by the Time To Breed staff.

Partecipate to the first Joint Ebay auction that starts today!

Here you find the link for the current and first Ebay auction, that will include several Morpho helenor ssp., including unique aberrations.

Here we offer part of a 200 pcs Morpho stock from the north western lowland of Costa Rica. During the first months of 2020 cervus2005 personally raised the eggs from some females found in nature. This stock represents a part of the production. As you can see, the butterflies of this stock are very peculiar. 

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