Get Ready... Something Really Cool Is Coming Soon!
New website under construction, on-line from January 2020.
The new website will be a fully functional e-commerce, with many additional features, informations and, as always, live insects and breeding equipment for sale.

Sincere apologize for the misservice from the TTB team.
Although the webpage won’t be active before January 2020, we will keep breeding and supplying many Lepidoptera species during this period.

To place your order contact us at:
If you have any question or doubt feel free to write us!

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Current availabilities:

-Bunaea aslauga (pupae) €3,5 each
-Argema mittrei (cocoons) €9 each
-Attacus atlas (cocoons) €3,5 each
-Smerinthus ocellatus (overwinting pupae) €3 each
-Pachysphinx modesta (overwinting pupae) €4 each
-Cricula trifenestrata (cocoons) €2,5 each
-Rearing cages for butterflies and moths (40x40x60-large zipper-white
and green) €15 each

-Antherina suraka (cocoons) €3,5 each

The TTB Team

Giacomo, Gabriele, Alessandro and Emanuele

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